We help students create fulfilling lives!

We focus on strength and potential.

Students discover strengths, tap into interests, and learn to manage challenges.

Every student has value

Inherent in Echo Spring’s program approach, is the belief that every student has something important to give to themselves and the world. They may not know exactly what that is when they first arrive on campus, but they will by the time they leave.

Holistic renewal

We treat our students like the intelligent, capable, and inquisitive young adults that they are.
Our approach hinges on introducing students to healing and growth in a multi-faceted and holistic way.
Students learn life skills, engage with the local community, enjoy the beauty of nature, and maintain employment. For many of our students it is quite gratifying to create a weekly menu and grocery lists for preparing healthy individual and group meals, volunteer in the community, take a hike in the woods, or earn a paycheck!

Meet our students.

30+ years of success.

Your patience, support, and persistence, have influenced my growth significantly. I can now lead a happy, healthy life because of what you did and do.