Echo Springs is one of the oldest and most experienced young adult transitional program in the United states.

Developed and refined for over 3 decades, Echo Springs has successfully served students in finding their place.


Phase 1

Foundations is all about helping students establish healthy balanced systems and rhythms.

As students identify individual interests they acquire more opportunities to tailor their schedule to follow those pursuits.


Phase 2

Students demonstrating successful self reliance transition to our downtown Coeur d’Alene home to have even more community access to continue their academic, social, physical, and financial pursuits.

A mentor is always available to coach and support students and there is also weekly advising meetings, where students are encouraged and empowered to practice more and more independence.


Phase 3

Now is it time for  students to put all the pieces together implementing the skills to live as a healthy independent adult.

In this last phase, students move into their own living space of their choice while continuing to work, learn, recreate and be a part of your community.

A faculty member is present with students at the Coeur d’Alene house 24 hours a day to provide continued mentorship and problem solving assistance.

Though we may stand back a little to give students more room to grow, we are always present and watchful and willing to help along the way.

We are happy to discuss your individual circumstance and concerns.

Questions? Call 208.265.3651

“Your patience, support, and persistence, have influenced my growth significantly. I can now lead a happy, healthy life because of what you did and do.”