Students develop a foundational skill set that will prepare them for lasting success throughout their life.

Students live together in a house in Sandpoint, Idaho with our program advisors.
They learn interpersonal and practical life skills.

Structure & Responsibilities

Students start out with a structured schedule. Once they are comfortable with the routine of the house, they are encouraged to take more control of their own schedule.


Students step away from their old lives and focus on living in the present in this new environment. We limit time for television and computers in order to support this.

*The Foundations phase of our program typically lasts between three and seven months and is catered to the needs of each student.

living confidently in the real world

Multilayered education and support

  • Mentors and counseling

    Individual mentors and private counseling
  • Time Management

    Showing up to class on time
  • Creating a Budget

    And using this to shop for groceries
  • Classes

    Such as Woodworking, Enneagram and Looks
  • Cooking

    Preparing meals together.
  • Gardening

    Growing their own food.
  • AA & NA

    Optional for some

Your patience, support, and persistence, have influenced my growth significantly. I can now lead a happy, healthy life because of what you did and do.