Students live on their own, continue with their school, work, and community participation while putting all their recently learned life skills to the test.

 Students in the Interdependence phase seek out their own home or apartment in Coeur d’Alene with the oversight of Echo Springs staff.

We call the final stage in our program Interdependence, because while a well-rounded individual is self-reliant, he or she also embraces the support of a strong tribe of friends, family, and mentors.

as unique a the student

Moving towards Interdependence

Interdependence is a highly personalized phase that will be driven by a particular student’s goals and preferences. This stage can last a few months or even a year or more depending on what the student wants to accomplish. Many students remain in Coeur d’Alene to complete their degree.

We continue
to support

  • Students must adapt to living on their own without direct oversight, but the Echo Springs faculty is still available for mentorship and problem-solving.
  • Students have continued access to coaching and still participate in certain Echo Springs activities.

Students serve
as mentors

  • We ask our Interdependent students to serve as mentors to students in the Experience phase of the program.
  • Mentoring is a gratifying  experience for our Interdependent students.

Leaving Echo Springs.

Most of our students never truly leave Echo Springs, because they hold onto the lessons learned and cherish the fond memories of the program for their rest of their lives. However, the time eventually comes when a student is ready to graduate from the program.

This is our moment of greatest joy when we get to wish a fond farewell to a confident, mature, and promising young adult.

Our students have gone onto graduate Ivy League schools, become lawyers and doctors, start their own business, retire before the age of 40, get married, start beautiful families, and more. Every student leaves Echo Springs with the tools to discover their passion in life and make their mark on the world.