• Social interaction, community integration, adult relationships, interaction with authority, parent communication, budgeting, time management, nutrition, cooking,
    Self-sufficiency, appropriate coping methods, establishing effective boundaries
    Self-discovery, empowerment,  self-awareness
    Perception of the world by experiencing something positive, building on those successes, and creating a reference base to feel more in control

Echo Springs Transition Study Center

Echo Springs Transition Study Center teaches young adults character, discipline, and direction. Our students are looking for new direction. They’re 18-24 years old‚ and they’re not succeeding or fulfilling their potential. They often make unhealthy‚ unsafe decisions. Sometimes known as at risk youth, our students are having trouble transitioning into their young adult years.


Life Skills for Struggling Young Adults

Echo Springs offers a transition living facility for young adults who are having trouble in college, or struggling with general life skills. Our program helps students successfully integrate into college life and become successful. Our young adult program is proven and recognized by parents and professional organizations.

Echo Springs is holistic, down to earth, practical, and effective. Echo Springs produces positive results.


What is a Young Adult Transition Program?

Students at Echo Springs experience great success. Our team’s formula to ensure results for young adults in residential programs is to guide them through a three-phase system.

The three-phase system teaches young adults how to live motivated and fruitful lives. Our students are often brighter than average‚ they’re struggling in school or they’re out of school. They have the potential to lead independent lives, but they lack the tools‚ the drive‚ and the confidence to get back on track. Some of our students are transitioning out of therapeutic boarding schools‚ recovery centers‚ or wilderness programs. They’re stalled‚ stuck‚ and need structured leadership in a safe haven.

Young adults don’t get stuck in just one way. They typically don’t make just one bad decision and they don’t stall suddenly. In other words, students who come to us don’t get here overnight. So why would we expect to get them pointed in the right direction immediately? We don’t.

We know the road to self-reliance is riddled with potholes, u-turns and detours. That’s where our three-phase system comes in. Our residential program for young adults starts slow, with Phase One, by setting the stage with structure, accountability and responsibility. In Phase Two our students implement these skills in an environment that demands more of them because there is less supervision and more opportunity for them to show they truly understand the basics. In Phase Out, our young adults live independently, have access to Echo Springs mentors, and prove to themselves the time they’ve spent adapting to new and healthy routines is worth the ride.